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Transform with Strategic Design

"A unique and comprehensive toolbox to create life-centered, meaningful and sustainable strategies with Design"

"Design embodies,
Design Thinking inspires,
Design Management enables,
Strategic Design leads."

Discover an excerpt from the book, where we explain how to achieve design excellence and leverage strategic design as intellectual capital.

A combinatorial Strategic Design model

Designence® Cube

Designence® is the strategic method that we explain deeply in our book and that we have proven through real case studies. It is based on the Designence Cube that combines the four powers of design with a Vision and Mission.
Designence innovative model

Our Unique Tool


An innovative tool to solve business problems strategically and structure the implementation phase thanks to a solid roadmap. COMEX® is based on the Designence® strategic model and has been validated by real cases available in our tool book "Strategic Design for a Responsible Future".

Let's leverage Designence®!

About Us

We are committed to putting you on the path to success using our Designence® method to solve your complex business challenges. In our book, we enlighten you on the core principles and showcase the strength of our framework.

Designence® and COMEX® are both registered trademarks. Designence design is a registered model.

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